miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2013

Where's My Tank?


Today, RFM Software has been published a new app on Google Play. "Where's My Tank?" is the name of this new application for your Android device.

This new app works on API 8+ (Android OS 2.2 - Froyo) and uses the new Google API Maps v2 for Android & Google Play Services.

Use your device GPS to remember where you have parked your tank (or submarine). Use turn by turn to find your Tank (or car) using Google Maps.

This app lets you mark your current position on the map. You can geographical tag your vehicles (Tank, Submarine, Helicopter... and even a Car).

Your vehicle and actual position  are visible on the map.

- Latest maps technologie (Google Maps API v2)
- Persistent (vehicles are marked on the map until you remove them)
- 7 available vehicles (Tank, Submarine, Helicopter, Truck, Tractor, Car, Bike)
- 4 layers type (Normal, Hybrid, Satellite, Terrain)
- Option to enable traffic layer
- 3D Maps available on more than 100 cities
- Easy to use
- Small app size (package)
- Low battery ussage
- For free (with ads)
- Option to share the location of your vehicles
- Shows parked time and vehicle type
- Different icons for every vehicle type
- extra HD ready (xxhdpi)
- Holo interface (Android OS 3.0+)


Download exclusive from Google Play: Where's My Tank? (this link may not work until Google has published the app on your local Google Play market)