miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012

Promotion time end and price changed

Today (18th April) RFM Software will end promotion of Invaders from far Space. You can download this classic arcade space shooter for €0.79 until the end of the day.

Starting tomorrow (19th April), Invaders from far Space will have a new price.

Remember, you can purchase this game from:

- Google Play
- Amazon AppStore
- Slide Me
- Blackberry AppWorld

Stay tuned!

lunes, 16 de abril de 2012

Invaders from far Space on AppWorld

RFM Software is glad to inform that, BlackBerry PlayBook version of Invaders from far Space is now available on the BlackBerry AppWorld.

You can download and install the demo and the full version of this amazing game for your Blackberry PlayBook (OS 2.0+).

Promotion time, only $1.99, don't waste this oportunity.

Remember that Invaders from far Space is available too on Google Play, Amazon App Store and SlideMe.

Stay tuned!

miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012

Gametel compatibility added

Invaders from far Space are now compatible with Gametel GamePad. RFM Software will add Gametel compatibility on the next products.

The Gametel gamepad works in version 3.3.X to up in devices running Android O.S. 2.0+

martes, 3 de abril de 2012

What will happen on April 16?

Add reminder for april 16 on your calendar and stay tuned with RFM Software news.
Something is awaiting for you. Don't waste this oportunity.

Due to 3rth part problems, RFM Software can't start this promotion. Stay tuned!

domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

Promotion end?

RFM Software are extending the promotion time to purchase Invaders from far Space for only €0.79!!
Enjoy this promotion!

Stay tuned!